Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Hectic Summer!!!!

this summer has been really crazy...and there's still more of it to go......but its been really fun and kool.
i've been swimming...playing at the pool....having sleepovers....getting my AWESOME new hair cut......and just hangin out with friends and family.
ok....first off...yes, im still swimming...i luv it...i now swim for an hour and forty-five min.
well guess wht....our pool...Granite Falls...just opened. it has a water slide....lazy river....reg. pool....and a small water slide for the little kids (ok not JUST for the little kids....i admit me and my friends like it....the water pouring on u as u go down the u walk up the stairs...and while u just stand around it....thats pretty kool.) some little kid...(i think) picked our swim team's name...the Granite Falls Gators (bleh) so everyone is the Gators....oh well....whts done is done.
im having a sleepover with one of my swimmin BFF's...Rachel Crowder. we'll both be at swimming....she'll come home with me...sleep over.....we'll go to the pool tomorrow...then she'll go home.....dosent sound like much...but we will have A LOT of fun.
OMG!!!!!!!!!! i got the KOOLEST new's basically the same length...just a little shorter....but now its layered....annnnndddd....wait for it.....a SIDE BANG!!!! yes its kool...i know i luv it. (pics will come later)
well when im not swimming or running around like a chicken with my head cut just hangin out with family and friends.....even with my hectic schedule....and all the swimming i do....i can ALWAYS make time for my friends...and more family

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is who i am

Im a tween new to the bloggin world, just tryin to find out what life is all about. I swim, read, and play with my friends. They help me through all of the things i have to accomplish. In one day i have to go to school for like 61/2-7hrs., come home, eat a snack, do all the homework i have, eat dinner, go to swimmin, come home, go to bed. I have no time to do anything at all. Swimmin 5 days a week don't help either. Im like addicted to the Twilight saga and movie. Ive read all the books at least twice, Breaking Dawn ive read 4 times! My TBF (twilight buddy forever) Anna, is just as addicted to Twilight as i am. My BFF is Liza, she is like the best girl in the world. Arissa is also my best friend, along with, Laura, Delaney, Hannah, Caroline, and Becka. Those are only my best friends at school. My swimmin friends are even more crazy! They are, Amelia, Rachel C., Rachel N., Juliana, Heather, Brodie, Robyn, and many, many, more.